Area 52 HKH

Never Forget

by Bethany

Summary: Jack as a Ranger, and Daniel as a Ranger, whose parents were an Archaeologist and a Techno-Mage... Ties up some loose ends in the B5/Crusade Universe

"I'm sorry, Galen..." Matthew looked to the Techno-Mage...

"It's alright You did not act on what it said..." Galen replied.

"It was a tool... I was a tool!" Matthew stated.

Galen smiled patiently. "The box is dealt with, Matthew... You were facing an Apocalypse, that's what the box was supposedly for... But like the poor soul who had it before you, you remembered that it lies... You did not let it grip you..."

Matthew nodded. "Thank God!"

"That's what you're here for, if you're that way inclined, my friend..." Galen replied.

Matthew looked at him questioningly.

"You asked God to hear the cry of your hearts, Bless the Earth, heal the sick... Like a Eucharistic prayer... That is what happened. Earth has been healed. So, go join the party, Matthew... Say your thanks. Go celebrate the good health of planet Earth's population!" Galen encouraged, almost shooing Matthew out of the door. Galen paused. "You've no need to apologise every year."


"Hey," Elizabeth brushed Matthew's arm. "What are you thinking about?" She sat up in the bed they shared on her Station.

"Galen." He answered.

"Should I be worried?" She teased, long hair cascading with her head, tilting in query.

"You were the one who once told me your Ex husband," Matthew grinned.

"Your hero..." She smiled, interjecting...

"...Was the sexiest man alive... Or something like that..." He kissed her.

"Something like that!" She replied, slipping her hands around Matthew's waist, leaning on him, kissing him... "You're pretty much a hero now yourself, Matthew Gideon!"

"So are a dozen other people..." Matthew spoke of everyone whom had helped to find a cure for the Drakh Plague on Earth... He was here on B5 as part of the Celebrations of the anniversary of that day of Cure.

"It was scary, huh?" Elizabeth asked, knowing the memory Matthew had been going over. "Getting that close to a trapped spirit, to a malevolent echo, in that box??"

"Yeah, it was..." Matthew paused to look into her eyes.

"I was frightened, too, face to face with that thing inside Simon..." Elizabeth admitted.

"I wish I could have been there for you..." Matthew kissed Elizabeth.

"You are now... We're here for each other..." She said, kissing him, and laying back into her pillow, as Matthew leaned into her.


Michael Garibaldi sat at his table, munching dinner, sipping plain old water. Not much of a Festival atmosphere for him... He knew he should get home, back to Mars, and Lise... But he was here, again, B5... Going over old memories again...

He caught sight of someone on the table opposite, someone who looked as weary as he did.

The person looked up.

They stared at each other, not exactly on purpose, for about ten minutes.

The other man got up, putting away his tray...

When he headed back in Michael's direction, Michael spoke to him.

"You look as ready for the party as I do..."

The other man frowned sympathetically. "I fought for this day to happen, for a reason to Celebrate..." He trailed off.

"You're a Ranger?" Michael asked.

"Uhu... O'Neill. Jack O'Neill." He informed Michael.

"Michael Garibaldi." Michael put out his hand, and Jack O'Neill shook it.

"The person I should have been celebrating with isn't here anymore..." Jack confided.

"I'm sorry." Michael said, indicating that Jack should sit down.

Jack decided he would. "My friend was a fellow Ranger. He stepped in front of danger for me..." Jack said.

"A good friend..." Michael spoke.

"Very." Jack agreed.

"I had a friend like that once..." Michael confessed. "Jeff. Jeff Sinclair."

Jack nodded in understanding. "Entil'zah." He said.

"Yes. That's him. One time Commander of this Station..." Michael stated.

"And you were thinking of him just now, I'd wager..." Jack commented.

"Yeah..." Michael replied.

"It's always the good guys that get taken..." Jack stated quietly.

"I know..." Michael agreed.

"Daniel saved my life a dozen times... The last time, he did it by giving up his own life... He was an archaeologist, too, sort of, as well as a Ranger... His mother was an archaeologist, so he knew about that stuff." Jack explained.

"He was like your version of Captain Gideon's Max Ilerson??" Michael pondered.

"Only nicer..." Jack said. "And I think his Dad was a Techno-Mage or something... Could never quite get him to talk about it... But there was this one time he saved me when we were on the Mission to find the cure... I was being held Captive on this planet. Daniel just turned up, found me, and whisked me out of there..."

"Clever man then..?" Michael wondered.

"Absolutely." Jack confirmed. "Absolutely. Never told him that though..."

"You probably didn't need to..." Garibaldi mused.

"Maybe not, but he was a humble man, too..." Jack said.

"Like Jeff..." Michael thought aloud.

"I always wondered if he had a higher calling, like Entil'zah..." Jack mused. "Did I stop it though, put an end to it, by being there, being the one he wanted to save..?"

"I'd say you probably helped him answer that higher calling, or be delivered to it..." Michael spoke out. "I couldn't do as much for Jeff... Because he wanted to save me as much as I would have wanted to save him."

"I am sure Entil'zah knew how much you cared for him..." Jack assured Michael.

"I hope he did... I really hope he did..." Michael thought of the man he loved.

The End

Author's Note: I make no money, and mean to step on no one's toes at all,by writing my stories... Feedback welcome as long as it is always polite.

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