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Jonah in the Whale

Loki's Curse

Date Archived: Jan 11, 2004
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Categories: Drama, Angst, A/A, Episode Related, First Time
Season/Episode: Fragile Balance
Size: 329kb More Info
1) The Eminem lyric used has been deliberately misquoted for brevity's sake.
2) I haven't seen any of Season 6, except Abyss and Full Circle. If any events herein contradict Season 6 canon, then pretend this story is AU.
3) Also, I missed some earlier S7 eps, so I'm not actually sure canonically as to the state of Daniel's memory. I hope what I've written makes sense in the context of canon.
4) Ages used in the story are those established by canon in Seasons 1 & 2.
PERSONAL NOTE: I don't know what possessed me to write this. Not only have I not written in this fandom for closing on three years, but the only things I wrote were short humorous gen-fics. Now I've taken on a long, plot-and-angst-ridden, slash fic? I guess it's my way of doing the 'Daniel's back' happy-dance. I think it's out of my system now...

Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Fragile Balance

Summary: Daniel's memory since descension is still scattered, and Jack struggles to accept that Daniel may never be fully returned to them. Meanwhile, SG-1 have a more immediate problem to deal with; Loki, and his backlog of mistakes