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Kuro Kamui

Welcome To Earth, Jonas    Part: 1/1 of The Education Of Jonas Quinn

Date Archived: Mar 14, 2005
Pairing: Surprise Pairing
Categories: Humor
Season/Episode: Season 6
Size: 3kb
Rating: PG
Warnings: Torture
Spoilers: None

Summary: Jonas Quinn learns about Earth culture with the help of his new friend, Colonel Jack O'Neill. NOT for Jonas fans

Yet Another Foothold Situation    Part: 1/1 of Duelin' Keyboards

Date Archived: May 16, 2004
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Categories: Humor, A/A
Season/Episode: Any
Size: 10kb
Rating: PG
Warnings: minor Character Death
Spoilers: None

Summary: Paint ball, android symbiotes on the loose, and a giant alien bug zapper. Just another day in the life of SG-1