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Wormhole Extremes And Ruptured Seams

Date Archived: Oct 11, 2002
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Categories: PWP
Season/Episode: Any
Size: 12kb
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None

Summary: It's hard work being in different time zones

I Can't Flocking Believe We're Doing This (or: We've Gone Insane)

Date Archived: Jan 8, 2002
Pairing: Jack/Daniel, Curtis/Keel
Categories: Crossover (New Professionals), AU
Season/Episode: Any
Size: 66kb More Info

Notes / Warnings: Crossover, au, errr...bestiality, but in a tasteful, humorous kinda way. Okay, we lied about the tasteful bit.

The SG team don't hit until part 3, but they're worth waiting for:)

Needful info: The Combat Sheep are mascots for the following service branches...

Harris - Army

Cooper - RAF

Peaches - Army (Light Artillery)

Moose - Navy

Combat Sheep motto -Protection, Correction, Detection

New Pros: Sam Curtis, Chris Keel (ex-SEAL), Malone, Tina Backus

They're not ours. After this I shouldn't think they'd want to be.

Other Notes:

Dolly One: Personally I blame the Christmas cake. Half a bottle of brandy in the cake is too mush. Hic.

Dolly Two: Yeah, but let's admit, it doesn't take much for us anyway... Uh, please don't take this seriously. Please?

Dolly Three: This is my first posted slash fic (although Dolly One did the sex scene)

Dolly One: Although I would like to take this opportunity to thank you beautiful, beautiful people, who have inspired, thrilled and moved me, while writing this piece. My emigration visa to NZ comes through any day now... Is that moved far enough...?

Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bestiality in a humorous kinda way
Spoilers: None

Summary: Not Supplied