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Other Mailing Lists

3NLove M/M slash F/F slash
This is a slash list for any threesome your heart desires, you like the boys from x files? How about the sentinel? What about Dark Angel? Well slash them all... ::grin:: This list is only for slash threesomes, that means M/M/M or F/F/F.

allcrossovershere M/M slash F/F slash
This is a list to gather and share crossover fanfiction. Any fandoms are welcome including but not limited to x-overs of books, television shows, movies in any combination that you can dream up. Fanfiction rated PG to R are all welcome.

AllFanFiction M/M slash F/F slash
This is a list for all fan fiction stories or discussion of relevant topics. Any and all types of stories are welcome, any fandom and any pairing, including slash, as long as appropriate disclamers and warnings are attached. I know I said over 13, but use your own discretion and read the disclamers.

allslash M/M slash F/F slash
Allslash is an all-fandom list for the posting of slash (same sex romantic interaction) fiction.

AngstFanFiction M/M slash F/F slash
This is a list for people who like reading and writing Angst fan fiction or orginal angst stories. I hope for discussions over favorite angst stories....These stories are not for anyone under 18, they may contain Slash content and non-consensual sex.

Anything_Fiction M/M slash F/F slash
This is a group for any and all fiction. Post anything you want but please don't forget the fan fiction!!

atlantisfic M/M slash F/F slash Atlantis
This list is for the posting of all fic for Stargate Atlantis. Gen, Ship, and Slash are all welcome here, as long as you label it with an appropriate rating and an indication of which pairing or character the story is about. This is a list specifically dedicated to the fiction that will arise from Stargate Atlantis.

beckett-mckay M/M slash Atlantis
Clearly, the true OTP of Stargate: Atlantis is Beckett/McKay. Thus, A Group, which enshrines it as TRUE. Yes.

BeckettFic M/M slash Atlantis
For all of those out there who lov the Scottish doctor of Stargate Atlantis. Here is the place for Carson Beckett fan fiction, music vidoes, news and views!

Boys in Chains M/M slash
A multi-fandom discussion/fic list for those of us who think certain characters scream to be enslaved, imprisoned or bound. We are slash-friendly. Only adults welcome.

CarterandFraiserSG1fanfic F/F slash Stargate SG1
The purpose of this group is to share stories and thoughts involving Samantha Carter and Janet Fraiser of "Stargate SG-1". This can include adult stories of their relationships (to each other and other women) as well as feedback. Discussions are welcomed as long as they stay more or less on-topic.

ColSheppardHaven M/M slash Atlantis
This group is dedicated to discussion and stories about Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and Stargate Atlantis. The character is played by the ever-so hot and sexy, and very talented Joe Flanigan.Fan-Fiction is very welcome!

ConsentDeniedFic M/M slash F/F slash
Rape is a fact of life. It happens often. To both men and women. Explore that situation here in discussion and shared stories, original and fanfic. Survivor pieces are encouraged. There is life after the fact.

Danielhc M/M slash Stargate SG1
This is a Daniel Jackson's H/C fic list. Fanfic and discussions are welcome.

danielites M/M slash Stargate SG1
A place to come and exchange thoughts and ideas about Dr. Daniel Jackson and the rest of the team. This is a 'character only' discussion group and not the place to talk about Michael Shanks or any of the other actors.

danpaul M/M slash Stargate SG1
Do you think Daniel Jackson and Paul Davis have the certain 'something'? Are you sick of being unable to find good Dan/Paul fanfic? Want to hang out with like-minded...umm, individuals? Then come join us!

Darkest Kiss M/M slash
A unique slash/yaoi/gay/homoerotic original fiction list that will be open to the unusual, stuff that doesn't quite fit into any of the normal M/M scenes out there today. We will welcome all works of fantasy that includes vampirism, shape shifters, werewolves, demons, angels, zombies, gods, ghosts, devils, elves, centaurs, dragons, ogres and any other non-human creature you can think of or create.
Humans can also be thrown into the mix, if you so choose.

Darkgate M/M slash F/F slash
The DarkGate is a non-mainstream, alternate view, bdsm, slash/gen archive.

Diverse_Creations M/M slash F/F slash
This is for those of us that have more than one fandom we are involved in. Anything from *Gen* to *Slash* is accepted. Feel free to post your stories here and to discuss them.

DMMF M/M slash
It's about male fictional characters. Can be a love story between two male characters, a friendship story, or a coming-of-age story, the only requirement we have is that the males are the main focus.
With "Dark" we mean the setting of the story. That means harsh times for your character: slavery, prostitution, war, crime, abuse, non_con situations, that sort of thing. No bad ending required, of course.

femmeslash F/F slash
FemmeSlash is a mailing list on which to discuss, share and above all promote
female/female slash, aka lesbian fanfic, yuri or shoujo-ai. Any show. Any books. Any fandom. Anime or mainstream.

first_times_a_charm_slash M/M slash
This means you can read or post stories here of the beginning of a relationship, it could be the first kiss or the first time making love. Every fandom is welcome.

FraiserPhiles F/F slash Stargate SG1
A list for various discussions centering around the character of Dr. Janet Fraiser on Stargate SG-1. Note that discussions are about the character ONLY, as there is a list for Teryl Rothery already. Fanfic and discussions of any kind are acceptable, and even encouraged.

Gateway M/M slash F/F slash
The Gateway List is for the discussion and fanfic of the slashy aspects of the Stargate SG-1 show. Discussion of the actors' careers and talents is on-topic for this list. Discussion of the actors' personal lives is not. Ratings from G to NC-17. Most of the time this means M/M relationships but F/F are welcome as well. Crossovers and AUs are also welcome as long as places or characters from the show are apparent. What's not welcome on this list is het fiction of any kind.

Hierarchical Fiction M/M slash
Stories about hierarchies between males, such as lord/liegeman, master/apprentice, servantfic, slavefic, and prisonerfic. Both original fiction and fan fiction may be posted. Gen, smarm, romantic friendship, slash, yaoi, and gay stories are all welcome; please label clearly the category of your story.

Jack-danielslashers M/M slash Stargate SG1
This is an adult slash list for the discussion of colonel Jack O'Neil and Daniel Jackson. Since I couldn't find one to join myself- I've started this one. Fan fiction is very welcome and requests for betas can be posted. Well that's about it - if you like slash and if you think that Jack and Daniel belong together then this is the list for you.

JACKDANIELites M/M slash Stargate SG1
Welcome, welcome, welcome... to the JACKDANIELites list - Home of the lovers of THE Lovers, Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson of Stargate SG-1. Look at them there on the balcony together - aren't they cute!! All SLASH pairings tolerated, but please remember that the MAIN focus is on Jack/Daniel or couplings there of.

jackdaniels M/M slash Stargate SG1
This is a Stargate list with a focus on Jack and Daniel. All are welcome to participate, but the list is slash oriented. Discussion includes Jack and Daniel's friendship as well as their relationship.

JACKettes M/M slash Stargate SG1
Hi there! Like you I'm a huge fan of Colonel Jack O'Neill, CO of SG-1. I've created this list for the discussion of the CHARACTER and NOT the ACTOR along with the other members of SG-1.

Jack_Daniel_Slash_Fiction M/M slash Stargate SG1
We welcome only slash fan-fiction on this list. The fiction hear is adult orientated and may have Rating of NC-17. Feel free to post Fic challenges for our authors.

janet_fic F/F slash Stargate SG1
This is the place to chat about the SGC's Chief Medical Officer - Dr Janet Fraiser! We welcome anyone who likes Janet, shipper or non shipper!

jdfx M/M slash Stargate SG1
The sister list to JackDaniels. This list is for fanfiction.

Jonas_Quinn M/M slash Stargate SG1
A place to come and talk about the great Jonas Quinn and the talented actor who plays him CORIN NEMEC!

ladies_of_the_stars (LOTS) F/F slash Stargate SG1 Atlantis
I created this site for fem' slash fanfic and feedback dedicated to the shows Stargate and Star Trek Voyager: with the characters Sam Carter and Janet Fraiser as well as B'Elanna Toress, Seven of Nine, and Captain Kathyrn Janeway.

ladyslash F/F slash
This is a fanfic and discussion list for female/female relationships in all television and film fandoms. Appropriate for 18 years and older members, though not all relationships discussed must be sexual in nature (i.e., slash); primary, intimate f/f friendships are also on-topic.

macslash M/M slash Stargate SG1
This list is for anyone over the age of 18 who wishes to participate in the discussion of slash fanfic for the shows MacGyver, Legend and StarGate SG-1. Fanfic posts and normal discussion are allowed.

McShepSlash M/M slash Atlantis
If you are in love with the McKay/Sheppard pairing on Stargate Atlantis, this is the place for you. If you are a commitment-phobe like both our intrepid (okay, so sometimes McKay is a little trepid, but we love him anyway) heroes, and are 'in-like' with the McKay/Sheppard pairing. Then this is also the place for you. And if you would just like to give a non-commital grunt or a sarcastic come-back because you're very very closeted, well, we'll accept you too.

Midnights_Domain M/M slash
This list is for original slash fiction (as in same s-e-x relationships.) So by joining you are stating you are of age to read adult material of this nature where you live. All types of fiction will be welcome. EVERYTHING! Freedom to slash is fully supported on this list. Nothing is forbidden but please warn well. All stories should contain a Rating and detailed Warning. Remember we don't all share the same tastes. Fan Fiction will also be accepted just make sure it has a Disclaimer for your own safety.

mpreg M/M slash
Mpreg is a slash fanfiction list. Slash meaning same gender pairings, Mpreg meaning Male pregnancy stories. Open to all fandoms.

pegasuschicks F/F slash Atlantis
Pegasus Chicks: For Atlantis Femslash, and/or stories about chickens in the Pegasus galaxy.

pegasus_gate M/M slash F/F slash Atlantis
A list for fans of slash on Stargate Atlantis. All slash pairings welcome.

RareSG1slash M/M slash F/F slash Stargate SG1 Atlantis
This is a place for rare SG-1 slash. I'm not talking about Jack/Daniel or Sam/Janet. Those are great pairs and I've read some really great fics. But here, we're interested in the other characters that don't make it into fics: General Hammond, Bra'tac, Martouf, Jacob Carter, and anyone else that you think it would be cool to slash. Hey, if you want to try Thor. we'd even be open to reading that.

RareSlash M/M slash F/F slash
RareSlash is a list for fandoms and/or pairings that are very rarely written in slash. Like, for example, 'The Usual Suspects,' Giles/Ethan, etc. Original slash is also allowed.

Remember Us? M/M slash F/F slash
A list for slash, het, and gen fan fiction and discussion, open to all fandoms -- so long as the story or discussion relates in some way to a character of color.

Sam and Janet 'Shippers F/F slash Stargate SG1
I couldn't believe there were no groups dedicated to the relationship that we're all just dying to see on Stargate SG-1 - which is of course, the lovely Dr Samantha Carter getting together with the also lovely Dr Janet Frasier.

SamJanetff F/F slash Stargate SG1
A group for the relationship between janet and sam on stargate sg-1.

SG1HC M/M slash Stargate SG1
A discussion list for those of us who like to read/write/see the characters in jeopardy and the resulting comfort in SG-1 fiction as well as enjoying it on the show. In other words, a list centering on the genre known as hurt/comfort (which also includes the sub-genres angst (mental hurt/anguish) and smarm (schmoozy comfort and gratuitous character bonding)). A safe place to share your love of the characters, h/c, and the perils they find themselves in...always with a loving touch.

SG1toCascade M/M slash Stargate SG1
With so many authors in The Sentinel crossing over to Stargate, and so many in Stargate crossing over to The Sentinel, a list fostering discussion of both seemed to be a perfect fit. This is a list for the discussion of the two shows and the fanfiction that they inspire. We're a slash group (but gen is okay too) with emphasis on Jack and Daniel, and Jim and Blair. No het or ship, please.

SG1_JDF M/M slash Stargate SG1
Do you have a website with Jack and Daniel content? Do you write fanfic about Jack and Daniel? Do you create wallpapers, music videos and other related fannish works with Jack and Daniel themes? This list is for announcing updates on such things. Jack and Daniel friendship and slash are both welcome.

SGAHC M/M slash F/F slash Atlantis
A discussion list for those of us who like to read/write/see the characters in jeopardy and the resulting comfort in Stargate: Atlantis fiction as well as enjoying it on the show. In other words, a list centering on the genre known as hurt/comfort (which also includes the sub-genres angst (mental hurt/anguish) and smarm (schmoozy comfort and gratuitous character bonding)). A safe place to share your love of the characters, h/c, and the perils they find themselves in...always with a loving touch.

SGCfanfiction M/M slash F/F slash Stargate SG1
If you are a Fan Fiction writer for Stargate SG-1 than this is the list for you. Here we post all kinds of Fan Fiction related to the show Stargate SG-1.

sgfic M/M slash F/F slash
This list is devoted to the sharing of fan fiction set within the Stargate SG-1 universe. Crossovers, AU's, Spoofs, Slash and everything else Stargate is welcome, so long as they're properly labeled. Narrative prose will probably be the most popular format, but scripts, poems, songs, or whatever are welcome, as long as they relate to Stargate. General discussion about Stargate, Stargate SG-1, and related subjects is not allowed on SGFIC. We have a sister list, SG1, devoted to such discussion.

Shepford Wives M/M slash Atlantis
The first group dedicated completely to the slash pairing of Major John Sheppard and Lieutenant Aiden Ford from Stargate: Atlantis. I highly encourage fanfiction of all types with this pairing, and FEEDBACK (back experience with another group, long story). Discussions about episodes allowed, but please don't use this list for off-topic discussions. Let's keep this dedicated totally to Shep/Ford. That's what it's for!

SheppardsFic M/M slash Atlantis
This group is for those of you who are crazy in love with Major John Sheppard, played by the ever talented actor, Joe Flanigan! Share your fanfiction, music videos, news and views!

slash-writers M/M slash F/F slash
This list is dedicated to helping slash-writers become better writers. It provides a place for slash-writers of any fandom to discuss ideas, plot-lines, etc. Stories in alpha or beta condition are acceptable for posting, and will be considered open for comment and debate.

SlashForAdults M/M slash
The list says Slash for Adults and that's just what it means. Slash is a male/male or female/female romantic relationship. Also includes preslash as the couple moves up to the loving cup sort of thing.

SlashKink M/M slash F/F slash
This is a kinky fan slash (adult - mostly m/m) list. (If you don't know what that is, you probably won't be happy here.)

Slash_Fan_Fic_Requests M/M slash F/F slash Stargate SG1 Atlantis
This group is to allow Fanfiction lovers to request specific stories that they are looking for. This is only for Slash Stories, but all pairings and fandoms are welcome including original character slash.

SlaveSlash M/M slash
Here you can submit any fanfiction from any fandom you wish as long as it has SLAVERY and it is SLASH. Slash is male/male case you didn't know. I can't moderate, and I won't, so this is only for people above the legal age in their area. Feel free to post any originals, discussions, etc. There is probably gonna be NC-17 material so please do not come here if you are under the age!

StargateAtlantisFic M/M slash F/F slash Atlantis
A new galaxy of adventure is about to be discovered! Join Colonel Marshall Sumner, Major John Sheppard, Dr. Elizabeth Weir and an international team of explorers from Earth on humanity's greatest adventure yet.

StargateSG1_slashfic M/M slash F/F slash Stargate SG1
A tech unsaavy Air Force Colonel adopts a nerdy hunk with glasses, explores the universe with a military geek gal and a guy who has a bad case of tapeworms, while battling small snakes with big egos. Slash fiction list for fans of the Stargate SG-1 tv series. Members may post slash fiction, news about the show/actors, etc. to the list as long as it concerns Stargate SG-1 in some way.

StargateStorySearch M/M slash F/F slash Stargate SG1 Atlantis
Want to find that story you read, so you can read it again? Looking for a specific type of story, like Danny-whumping or evil twin fics? This is the list for you! If you can describe it, chances are one or more of the members can find it!

Stargate_SG1_Shippers M/M slash F/F slash Stargate SG1
This is a group for fans of "Stargate SG-1"! I love the show, and welcome fellow fans. This will be a fanfiction-focused group, with lots of Sam/Jack & Daniel/Janet shipper stories, as well as some Sam/Janet, and maybe a few Jack/Daniel, if you want.

TealCZone M/M slash Stargate SG1
This list has been created for all those who wish to explore the character of Teal'C, from the series Stargate SG-1. This list is for discussion of the character and the posting of fan fiction. It is NOT intended for discussion of the Actor who plays the part of Teal'c. It will at times deal with adult themes surrounding the character and for this reason, membership is restricted to those over the age of 17.

TeylaFic F/F slash Atlantis
For all those of you out there who have fan fiction, music videos, news and views on the wonderful Stargate Atlantis charcter of Teyla Emmagan, played by Rachell Luttrell.

the_alpha_gate M/M slash F/F slash Stargate SG1
We welcome slash and gen discussion and fanfiction. Our list members will have differing interests and points of view and as a community we will respect that. We have zero tolerance for trolls and flames and we're one of the happiest, chattiest and most productive lists around :) We also have a solid reputation for encouraging writing talent and new writers.

ThruTheStargate M/M slash F/F slash Stargate SG1
Like the men and women of Stargate? Jack? Daniel? The Aliens that honor them, or hunt them? Come discuss this amazing movie turned series. General, hetero romance and slash fanfic is welcome

WhenDarknessBeckons M/M slash F/F slash
The fics posted here are raw and edgy, dark and dank, and may not turn out like you think they should. That is why we gather here, the unexpected for us is a healing, a way believe it or not, out of the darkness back into the light.

WhispersNScreams F/F slash
Be it soft and gentle, or rough and hard one thing stays the same: This list is about women loving women.

Wraithbait M/M slash F/F slash Atlantis
Your source for all things slashy in the "Stargate: Atlantis" universe. You must be at least 18 years of age to join. All slash pairings are welcome, as are all ratings of fic.

yay_mckay M/M slash Atlantis
Shockingly, there was no Yahoo group dedicated to the Thinking Woman's Crumpet that is Rodney McKay from Stargate: Atlantis. Thus, it was Decided that there should be and lo, this group was born on a dark and not actually stormy night. We like fic (gen, slash and het are all of the good), discussion, randomness and food. But not lemons. There is a lemon ban.

Other Archives

Bunnyfic Bunnyfic - Gen and slash fanfic with a focus on Daniel, also wallpapers.

Fanfiction Paradies - German archive for gen, het and slash

Heliopolis - 3 archives in one: SG1, Atlantis and Adult - Slash website, featuring manips, Stargate humour and a still - small collection of fiction. There's also a forum, Stargate e-card facility and a live chat zone.

Remember Us Remember Us - Multi-fandom archive dedicated to fan fiction about characters of color

StargateFan Huge gen fanfic archive

Wonderful World Of Make Believe - Slash fanfic from the movies, television, published works, video games and the comics. Also original fiction.

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Rec--Thon Stargate SG-1 Rec--Thon! - Points the way to the multitude of solid-to-excellent fiction available in this fandom.

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