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What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a way to have updated information from your favorite web sites delivered to you rather than you having to click from site to site to find it. It is used by an increasing number of sites where content changes frequently, such as news organisations like the BBC.

The web site provides a feed which contains the updated information. In our case this is a list of the latest stories which have been added.

You subscribe to feeds and can view the updated information without having to visit the actual web pages. Links are provided so that you can go straight to any story you're interested in.

How do I start using RSS?

A feed is intended to be interpreted by other software and so you will not see much if you simply open it in your browser.

With some browsers, such as Firefox, Opera or Safari, you can subscribe to feeds which are displayed through bookmarks or aggregators. For example, if there is a feed available on a web page, Firefox shows an orange icon at the right of the address bar. When you click on it you can subscribe to the feed which is added to your bookmarks as a live bookmark that you can update whenever you want to see the latest info. You can also get an aggregators as extensions to Firefox which allow you to read all the items within a feed on one page.

Some email programs, such as Thunderbird, can also be used to access feeds.

Internet Explorer 6 does not support rss feeds so your choices are to get a different browser (Internet Explorer 7 or both Firefox and Opera are available as free downloads for Windows) or a RSS aggregator. There are many of these available - for Windows try or Google for 'RSS reader'.

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