Story Submission

  1. What kind of stories does Area 52 accept?
  2. Does the story need to be beta-read?
  3. What file formats does Area 52 accept?
  4. What information is needed?
  5. How shall I submit the story?
  6. Other Archive Rules
  7. When will my submission be archived?
  1. What kind of stories does Area 52 accept?

    Stories in the Stargate fandom:

    • from any Stargate origin: The Movie, SG-1, Infinity, Atlantis, stories based on other Stargate material (such as the RPGs (both pencil and paper and the online ones), console and computer games and original worlds based on or in the Stargate universe).
    • of all ratings and genres.
    • where at least one Stargate character is in an implicit or explicit sexual relationship with a member of the same sex (slash) or is heading towards such a relationship (pre-slash).
    • which are gen (not slash) but are part of a series which contains one or more slash stories.
    • where there is sexual contact between 2 same sex characters but they are not in a relationship, (eg. casual sexual encounters or non-con situations)
  2. Does the story need to be beta-read?

    Most definitely. There isn't an author anywhere whose work can't be improved by a second (or third or fourth!) opinion. Whilst we don't necessarily refuse stories that aren't beta-read, our readers may well choose not to read them. You can ask for a beta reader on Stargate email lists.

  3. What file formats does Area 52 accept?

    • If you want to archive the story yourself, it must be plain text ( .txt).
    • If your are sending the story to the archivist, plain text is preferred but we will also accept rich text ( .rtf) and clean HTML.
    • How to format your story
    • If you would like to include graphics please send your story and the images to the archivist.
    • All stories will be formatted to the site standards.
  4. What information is needed?

    • If you are archiving the story yourself, you will be prompted to enter the required information and the file you upload must contain only the story.
    • If you are sending your story to the archivist, copy, paste and complete the following template at the beginning of your file. Please use exactly this format as it saves the archivist a lot of time!
    Title: Title of your story
    Author: Your name or preferred pseudonym
    Date: Optional
    Email: We must have this even if you don't want it putting on your story
    Website: Your website URL, if you have one.
    Link to: The direct URL to the web page containing the story if you wish it to be linked rather than housed here. In this case you only need to send this template. Please note that it must be on a personal website which you either own or where you have permission from the site owner to link. We cannot link to other archives, message boards, LJs etc.
    Series: If this story is part of a series, the series name and the story's place in that series.
    Rating: See Below
    Pairings: All that apply. Please use /male or /female for original characters.
    Category: See list. If your story is a response to one or more of our challenges, please mention the challenge number(s) so that it can be linked.
    Season: The season your story is set in - if any.
    Episode: The episode(s) your story is set in - if any. If the story is a missing or tag scene specify the episode here and include 'episode related' in the category.
    Spoilers: List any episodes for which details are mentioned
    Warnings: See list.
    Summary: Just a couple of lines to describe the story.
    Notes: Any extra information which would be helpful to readers
    RatingsType of Content
    GGeneral Audiences: Nothing even a non-slasher could be offended by
    PGParental Guidance: Mild swearing, a kiss
    PG-13Parental Guidance Strongly Advised: Strong language, slight violence, kissing
    RRestricted: Bad language, violence, nudity without mention of naughty bits, non-explicit sexual contact
    NC-17Mature Content: Bad language, extreme violence, any mention of naughty bits, explicit sexual contact
  5. How shall I submit the story?

    Choose your method:

    1. Archive your own stories:
      If you already have stories archived here, you can log in and submit your story for auto-archiving. If possible, please use this method as not only does it save the archivist's time but you'll be able to see your story here instantly.
      Log in and begin here
    2. Post your story to a Stargate slash list and include Area 52 in your archive permissions. The story will be collected automatically
    3. Send the file in the body of an email or as an attachment here. Use this method if you want to include graphics.
    4. Upload the story for the archivist to archive. The file must not be open in any program or it will not upload. Please be sure that the file includes your email address!

      Select the story file to be uploaded

  6. Other Archive Rules

    • Only complete stories will be archived. Any story parts submitted will be held until all parts are received. (This doesn't apply to series as long as each story within the series is complete).
    • The author's name must be unique within Area 52. The author's details will be entered into the database. At the author's request, his/her email address will be witheld and any feedback directed to Area 52 for forwarding.
    • The Area 52 staff have the right to grammar/spell check the story (though we do not guarantee doing so). It will be formatted to our standard in HTML/PHP and any necessary links added. The notes (the information requested above) will be used to enter the story into the database and, if relevant, be made available to readers.
    • If you archive with us by link, we may retain a copy of the story. If your link fails to work for one month from the time we first become aware of the problem, we may either remove the story or post it to our server until such a time as the linking problem is resolved.
  7. When will my submission be archived?

    Usually within a few days but if the archivist is busy or on vacation it may take longer. If it hasn't been archived within a couple of weeks something has probably gone wrong so please contact us.